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What are Social bookmarking buttons?

Social bookmarking is easy way to share your favorites

Social bookmarking is easy way to share your favorites

These are simply small icons which allow you to easily bookmark the webpage you are reading by saving a link to it on an online bookmarking website.

Some of these icons also allow you to submit the webpage to a variety of social voting websites, whereby other users of the social website can vote for it, if they find it interesting.

Social bookmarking is a way to keep track of your favourite pages on the Internet. It is different than having a list of “favourites” on your computer’s browser because it is public. Your favourites are shared with your friends, family, and the world (if you choose). You don’t keep your favourite songs, books, or movies to yourself, do you? Favourites are meant to be shared. Social bookmarking is like being a good neighbour on the Internet.

By bookmarking useful and interesting pages YOU help decide what is worth reading.

Librarians and search engines will thank you for making their job easier! You will also thank yourself. Social bookmarks help you find your place on the web. The best part is, you don’t have to be at home to access your favourite pages. All you need is an Internet connection.

You’ll need to first register with the various social websites before you can start using the icons you see to bookmark the article. A good place to start is through this list of the top 25 most popular social bookmarking/voting websites online.