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AutoCAD Video Training

ePlusMenuCAD 9 | Advanced Electrical Design In AutoCAD

AutoCAD trainingWelcome to complete AutoCAD step-by-step video training. If you really want to learn working in AutoCAD by yourself, please watch and listen carefully all video lessons, and also try to repeat all actions.

Training is starting from scratch, so if you don’t feel like a beginner, skip introduction and study what you want. It will take you about 3 hours to complete training. It’s totally free, and all you need is the good will, big cup of coffee and english knowledge.

So, enjoy! Adittionaly, you can download some of AutoCAD ebooks from download page (see here).

40 Chapters With Lessons
No.Chapter | Descripton of LessonsPDF
1.CHAPTERS 01-10

Introduction to AutoCAD, Introduction to Commands, Draw Commands, Erase and Selection Sets, Basic Display Commands, Drawing Aids, Object Snapping, Setting Up Drawing, Plotting and Edit Commands

2.CHAPTERS 11-20

Text, Layers, Linetypes, and Colors, More Edit Commands, Advanced Display Commands, Polylines, More Draw Commands, Crosshatching, Boundaries and Regions, Blocks and Attributes, Design Center and Tool Palettes

3.CHAPTERS 21-30

Point, Divide, and Measure, Grips, External References, Raster Images, Advanced Selection Commands, Dimensioning, Dimension Styles, Views and Viewports, Model Space and Paper Space, Options Menu

4.CHAPTERS 31-40

Drawing Utilities, Data Management, OLE and External Applications, Communication and Collaboration Tools, AutoCAD WEB, Customization, External Applications and LISP Routines, CAD Standards, Slide Shows, Isometrics