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Electric Power Books

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Electric power books are divided into nine categories, so it is easy for power engineers to find appropriate book or information related to power engineering, automation, industry etc. During years well known manufacturers like ABB, Siemens, Schneider Electric and Danfoss were releasing technical guides, books and publications, and now they can be found all in one place. Beside this, on these pages can be found books related to AutoCAD learning for beginners and advanced users.

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Electrical engineering booksSchneider Electric technical publicationsSiemens Basics of Energy and Automation
Relay booksDanfoss heating booksAutoCAD learning books for beginners and advanced
College books and recordsPower substation booksABB Technical Guides


NOTE: Some of documents and books are compressed with WinRAR. However, you can download it here, it is free to download.


The ART & SCIENCE of protective relaying •  Electrical power supply and distributionEnergy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection HandbookModern Signal ProcessingNetwork Protection And Automation GuidePLC – Programmable Logic ControllerPower Plant AccousticsCoordinated Power Systems ProtectionPower Tranformer Maintenance And Acceptance TestingRefrigeration and air conditioningTelecommunications Building Cabling Systems Planning and DesignUPS selection, installation and maintenanceAntenna Systems GuideControl Valve HandbookEngineering Symbology, prints and drawingGrounding and BondingHandbook of electrical safetyHandbook of electrical science VOL. 1-4Personal Protective Grounding for Electric Power Facilities and Power LinesPhotovoltaic Power SystemsPriručnik – Elektricne instalacije i osvetljenjeAutomation solution guide 2008Electrical installation guide 2008Selecting EnergyEfficient Distribution TransformersSafety and health requirementsMaintenance and operation of air compressor plantsIntroduction to Motor and GeneratorHeat transfer text bookInterior and Exterior Lighting and ControlsCable Tray Installation GuidelinesWiring Manual – Automation and Power DistributionActive harmonic conditioners and unity power factor rectifiersAnalysis of three-phase networks in disturbed operating conditions using symmetrical componentsAutomatic transfering of power supplies in HV and LV networksBasic selection of MV public distribution networksBehaviour of the SF6 – MV circuit-breakers Fluarc for switching motor starting currentsBreaking by auto-expansionCalculation of short-circuit currentsCalculations for LV and HV networksCohabitation of high and low currentsControl equipment for MV capacitor banksControl-monitoring and protection of HV motorsCurrent transformers – how to specify themCurrent transformers – specification errors and solutionsCurrent transformers for HV protectionData acquisition – DetectionDependability and LV switchboardsDependability of MV and HV protection devicesDesign and use of MV current-limiting fusesDevelopment of LV circuit breakers to standard IEC 947-2Directional protection equipmentDiscrimination with LV power circuit-breakersDisturbances in electronic systems and earthing systemsDynamic stability of industrial electrical networksEarthquakes and electrical equipmentElectric motors… and how to improve their control and protectionElectrical disturbances in LVElectrical installation dependability studiesElectrodynamic forces on busbars in LV systemsElectronic starters and variable speed drivesEMC – electromagnetic compatibilityEnclosures and degrees of protectionEnergy savings in buildingsEnergy-based discrimination for low-voltage protective devicesExtra losses caused in high current conductors by skin and proximity effectsFault arcs on busbar sets and switchboardsFerroresonanceFrom current transformers to hybrid sensors, in HVFuzzy logicHarmonic disturbances in networks, and their treatmentHarmonics upstream of rectifiers in UPSHigh availability electrical power distributionHV industrial network designIntegration of local power generation in industrial sites and commercial buildingsIntelligent LV switchboardsIntroduction to dependability designInverters and harmonics (case studies of non-linear loads)Lightning and HV electrical installationsLV breaking by current limitationLV circuit-breakerLV circuit-breakers confronted with harmonic, transient and cyclicLV protection devices and variable speed drives (frequency converters)LV surges and surge arresters.LV insulation co-ordinationMV public distribution networks throughout the worldNeutral earthing in an industrial HV networkOvervoltages and insulation coordination in MV and HVPower QualityPower supply of lighting circuitsProtection of electrical distribution networks by the logic selectivity systemProtection of industrial and tertiary MV networksProtection of MV-LV substation transformersResidual current devices In LVSF6 properties, and use in MV and HV switchgearSystem earthings in LVSystem earthings worldwide and evolutionsThe behaviour of SF6 puffer circuit-breakers under exceptionally severe conditionsThe IT system earthing (unearthed neutral) in LVThe singularities of the third harmonicThermal study of LV electric switchboardsUninterruptible static power supplies and the protection of personsVacuum switchingBasics of ElectricityBasics of Electrical ProductsBasics of AC DrivesBasics of AC MotorsBasics of Control ComponentsBasics of DC DrivesBasics of Motor Control CentersBasics of PLCsBasics of SensorsBasics of BuswayBasics of Circuit BreakersBasics of Load CentersBasics of Meter Mounting EquipmentBasics of PanelboardsBasics of Power MonitoringBasics of Safety SwitchesBasics of Surge ProtectionBasics of SwitchboardsAutoCAD tutorial (uputstvo za početnike, ver.2006-2008)AutoCAD 2007 And AutoCAD LT 2007 BibleBeginning AutoCAD 2007Introduction to AutoCAD 2008 2D/3D DesignRelay IntroductionRelays – GeneralElectromechanical RelaysContact SystemMagnetic System – CoilMechanical ComponentsHandling & Use in ProductionQuality AspectsStandardsElectronics in and around Power RelaysRelay definitionsPart 1-Heating DefinitionsPart 2-Control of heating Systems used in Western EuropePart 3-Secondary systems used in EuropePart 4-Evaluation of systems and productsPart 5-Instructions for designing district heating systemsPart 6-Instructions for designing heating systemsPart 7-How to select size of products and componentsPart 8-Technical data, formulas and chartsFormulas – for the calculation and dimensioning of heating products