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Electrical Engineering

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Electrical engineering is a field of engineering  that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics  and electromagnetism. Companies and industry experts has been always releasing technical books and guides in order to spread their knowledge. On this page you can find many good books related to elecricity, indutry, automation and telecommunications.

All books on this page is free to download and available at EEP – Electrical Engineering Portal.

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Electrical engineering books
No.Book & DescriptionLang.Pages
1.The ART & SCIENCE of protective relayingen357Download
2.Electrical power supply and distributionen125Download
3.Energy-Efficient Electric Motor Selection Handbooken65Download
4.Modern Signal Processingen281Download
5.Network Protection And Automation Guideen274Download
6.PLC – Programmable Logic Controller starstarstaren839Download
7.Electrical Power Supply And Distribution en122Download
8.Coordinated Power Systems Protection
9.Refrigeration and air conditioning
10.Telecommunications Building Cabling Systems Planning, Design en45Download
11.UPS selection, installation and maintenance
12.Antenna Systems Guide
13.Control Valve Handbook
14.Engineering Symbology, prints and drawing
15.Grounding and Bonding
16.Handbook of electrical safety en324Download
17.Handbook of electrical science VOL. 1-4 starstarstar en552Download
18.Personal Protective Grounding for Electric Power Facilities and .Power Lines
19.Photovoltaic Power Systems
20.Priručnik – Elektricne instalacije i osvetljenje sr111Download
21.Automation solution guide 2008 starstarstaren≈300Download
22.Electrical installation guide 2008 starstarstar en≈500Download
23.Harmonic detection and filtering
24.Introduction to Motor and Generatoren120Download
25.A Guide To UK Mini-Hydro Developments New booken31Download
26.Small Hydroelectric Plants New booken6Download
27.Guide on How to Develop a Small Hydropower Plant New booken151Download
28.DANFOSS: Sve o frekventnim regulatorima starstarstaren167Download
29.Medium Voltage Cables – Construction Standard Spec. New booken22Download