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Heating Systems

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Heating a home has always been and still is a basic human requirement. This requirement enables us to live and work in locations with low temperature. In the beginning the solutions were simple. An open fire on the floor of a tent or a simple hut, made it possible to survive in a hostile environment. As civilisation developed there was migration from the countryside to the towns and cities and into bigger and bigger houses, creating a requirement for more elborate heating systems. This requirement stimulated technical development, but also created a problem, namely the use of a finite resource (fossil fuels) with the resulting pollutions from the burned fuels.

Danfoss has released this great heating book in 9 chapters which are available on this page.

All books on this page is free to download and available at EEP – Electrical Engineering Portal.

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Danfoss - The Heating Book: 8 steps to control of heating systems
No.Book & Description
1.Part 1-Definitions starstarstaren12Download
2.Part 2-Control of heating systems used in Western Europe starstarstaren20Download
3.Part 3-Secondary systems used in Europe
4.Part 4-Evaluation of systems and products
5.Part 5-Instructions for designing district heating systemsen24Download
6.Part 6-Instructions for designing heating systems
7.Part 7-How to select size of products and components
8.Part 8-Technical data, formulas and charts
9.Formulas – for the calculation and dimensioning of
.heating products starstarstar