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Electrical Software

ePlusMenuCAD 9 | Advanced Electrical Design In AutoCAD

Electrical design without appropriate software and tools is impossible to imagine.  On this page can be downloaded professional software for electrical design, MV and LV network and photometric calculations, voltage drop and short circuit calculations etc. Most of them are freeware, some requires registration and some are sharware.

All documents, software and books are free to download and preserved only to registered users. Login and registration links are located on the top of site.

Registration is free of any charge.

downloadElectrical Software
DWG Tab Manager  Addition to AutoCAD
Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.05 PDF viewerRegister
Free DWG ViewerDWG previewRegister
MS Word ViewerDOC previewRegister
MS Excel ViewerXLS previewRegister
MS Access Snapshot ViewerSnapshot previewRegister
MS Access 2003 RuntimeRunning MDB databases without MS AccessRecommended if using ePlusMenuCAD without MS Access installedRegister
downloadPhotometric Calculations
CalcuLuX Area (home) Photometric calculations of areas
CalcuLuX Road Photometric calculations of roads
CalcuLuX Database. Register
Philips product selector.Register
Dialux v4.5 (home)Photometric calculations
Relux 2008Phototometric calculations
Registration needed!Register
LITESTAR v10Photometric calculationsRegistration needed
LD Calculator v8Photometric calculations, DMX address, electrical formulas, phase load, voltage drop etc. Register
GE LightBeams 3.0Photometric calculations for GE direct reflectors Register
Visual 2.6Photometric calculations Register
LightFactory v1.4 fullPhotometric calculations
Lighting Level CalculatorPhotometric calculations
Free limited, 25$Register
downloadLV And MV Network Calculations, Voltage Drop etc.
Ecodial v3.38
(Schneider Electric)
LV network and short circuit calcuations, cables cross sections, voltage drop etc.
Simaris Design v4.0 basic
LV/MV network calculations, short circuit currents, calculations of cables etc.TrialRegister
Electrical CalculatorCalculation of transformer current and short circuit current
Profix 8DJ/8DH (Siemens)MV switchgear design, single line diagram
Profix NXPLUS C (Siemens)MV switchgear design, single line diagramFree!Register
Voltage Drop CalculatorVoltage trop calculationFree!Register
Cable Ampacity CalculatorCalculation of cable load
Underground Cable AmpacityUnderground cable load calculationFree limited, 25$Register
Voltage Drop CalculatorVoltage drop calculation
Free limited, 25$Register
MycroHidro Power Calculator
Short Circuit Current
Calculator New Software

Group Motor Protection
Guide New Software

Electrical Safety Program Arc Flash Calculator New SoftwareCalculation in MS Excel
GE Transformer And Short Circuit Calculator New SoftwareCalculation in MS Excel

Almost every luminaire manufacturer has its own database for Dialux, Relux, Calculux and other similar software, which can be downloaded on their website. All databases are free to download.