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.Description:.Professional software for electrical design within AutoCAD platform
.Version:.10.0 (What’s new?)
.Language:.English / Serbian
.Requests:.Windows XP/Vista/7 & AutoCAD 2006-2010, MS Access 2003/2007
.Limitation:.14 days trial with limited number of symbols and functions
.Size:.11.8Mb (33.4Mb on disc)
. . Uputstvo Introduction | DWG crtež DWG example | Brošura Liflet | WEBHelp WEBHelp | Brendiranje Branding

  • ePlusMenuCAD 10 FULL contain over 1200 electrical symbols and functions.
  • Once you buy licence for v10, upgrade of ePlusMenuCAD is free of charge.

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Example of using ePlusMenuCAD in project Hotel Splendid in Budva (Montenegro), where it was used for designing lighting, power distribution, technology, installations of sockets and single line diagrams.

ePlusMEnuCAD - Hotel Splendid - energetski razvodePlusMenuCAD - Hotel Splendid - tehnička specifikacijaePlusMenuCAD - Hotel Splendid - osvetljenjeePlusMenuCAD - Hotel Splendid - tehnologijaePlusMenuCAD - Hotel Splendid - utičnice


Drop-down menu ePlusMenuCAD

ePlusMenuCAD is a software tool for professonal electrical design in AutoCAD environment. If you do electrical design using AutoCAD, then you certainly know how much time you lose on inserting varius blocks of luminaires, sockets, panels, generating technical specifications, drawing single line diagrams, etc.

If you use your own blocks in AutoCAD which are placed somewhere on your HDD and insert them when needed in the drawing, and after that manually copy each time – then ePlusMenuCAD is for you. All the symbols are placed in one place, available from the drop-down menu , 26 toolbars, and also from intuitive shorcuts from command line. No more boring inserting and copyng blocks! ePlusMenuCAD offers efficency and high speed in generating technical specifications for Bill of Quantities, as well as automation in inserting electrical symbols into drawing.

In ePlusMenuCAD there are two modules integrated:

Mosaic Design – single line diagrams
X-functions – functions for easier and automated work in AutoCAD

Mosaic Design is advanced tool for creating single line diagrams and application diagrams. Large database of (universal) symbols covers almost any kind of scheme. Insertion of symbols and feeders, and generation of BOM is completely automated and very easy for use in drawing. Second module X-functions, has more than 50 extra usefull functions (commands) that saves a lot of time durin daily work in AutoCAD. Working with layers, blocks, polylines etc. is much much easier .

Supported AutoCAD versions:

AutoCAD versions 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 are fully supported, and ePlusMenuCAD can be installed and used simultany on this versions. That means that ones ePlusMenuCAD is installed, you can use it in all (supported) installed AutoCAD versions.


ePlusMenuCAD box

More than 1200 electrical symbols are placed in its categories (outlets, luminaires, types of installation, DEA, Cable verticals, labels of cables, transformers, cable feeds, TKS, EIB KONNEX ..). Every category has its layer. Layers carry the prefix “EnJS_” and “EnTS_” so that can be easily sorted in Layer Manager in the AutoCAD.

Also, there are a lot of various types of luminaires from metal-halid throug incadescent sorted by category and with predict shortcuts from the command line. Lamps that are designed to be supplied rom Diesel Agregate DEA, have cross symbol, and as such are also located in generated technical specification. Almost every area in which there are elements is covered with IEC symbols.

ePlusMenuCAD monofazna priključnicaClick to enlarge picture of some ePlusMenuCAD’s symbols

Drop-down menu is well organized, all symbols and functions are divided into categories. The most important are shown below:

Electrical distribution of power
• Predefined types of power supply lines (network, aggregate, UPS, diesel supply…)
• Power transformers – dry type and distribution oil transformers (with and without conservator) typical powers 630, 1000, 1600, 2000, 2500 and 3200kVA
• Distribution boards and panels, panels supplied from diesel agregate, and all with labels
• Cable or busbar vertical runs with their labels of incoming or outgoing connections
• Predefined labels for the cables in the colors (to distinguish cables of differnt type and supply…)

Installation of power sockets
• Power sockets 2P and 3P in the IEC variations and variations GOST standards (Russian standard)
• TV, antenna, computer plug and terminal space in the floor, fan-coil connection…
• Thermostats, rails for the main and additional equipotential deuce …
• Cable feeds for direct consumers, in wall and ceiling (2P, 3P), luminaires

Power and distribution transformers 10-20/0, 4kV
• Dry type transformer, powers: 630kVA – 3200kVA
• Oil type transformers, powers: 630kVA – 2500kVA with and without conservator

Installation of earthing
• Vertical runs of FeZn earthing bar (predefined in various colors)
• Tables for power sockets, cable feeds, lamps, and elements of Earthing with predefined default values

• Legends for the power sockets, luminaires, electric distribution and cables (2p and 3p)
• Stamp basis (the ability to post the logo of your company)
• Unique symbol of current round ECM
• The automatic marking ECM and (increasing, decreasing or all of the same series)

Installation of lighting
• Fluoroscent lamps built-in and built-on, powers from 1x18W to 4x36W with DEA symbols
• Fluroscent tubes, powers from 1x18W to 2x36W
• Fluo-compact lamps built-in and built-on, powers from 1x9W to 2x36W with DEA symbols
• Incadescent lamps, built-in and built-on, powers from 40W to 100W with DEA symbols
• Incadescent-reflect lamps, built-in and built-on, with DEA symbols
• Halogen lamps built-in and built-on, powers from 20W to 1000W with DEA symbols
• Metal-halid lamps built-in and built-on, powers from 70W do 2000W with DEA symbols
• Reflectors
• Crystal chandeliers for the salons and kitchen
• Decorative lamps for billiard tables, halls, theaters…
• Lamps for outdoor lighting (pillars, underwater lamps …)
• Anti-panic lamp
• Sensors and feeds the optical cable …
• Installation switches, 2p, 3p, alternate, serial …
• Dimers, tasters…

Telecommunications and signal systems
• predefined types of installations (fire, access control, anti-burglary, structural wiring…)
• Anti-burglary
• Anti-fire
• Access control
• Video surveillance – CCTV
• TV and Radio
• Phone and intercom
• Clock
• Gas
• Audio-Video Systems
• Speakers
• Power supply
• Wireless transfer of information

• Instabus elements (system, input / output, lighting, heating / cooling, display, infrared …)

What can be designed with ePlusMenuCAD?

Electric systems up to 1000V
Designing transformer substations 20/10/6/0,4 kV
Installations of power sockets (+ IEC symbols)
Installations of power distribution (+ cable labels)
Single line diagrams and application schemes of switchgears 0,4 kV
Reserv power supply (Diesel agregate, UPS system)
External cable distribution 20/10/6/0, 4 kV
Installation of interior lighting (general, technology and decorative)
Installation of external lighting (lighting roads, promenades, courts …)
Installation of lighting open trade centers and parking space
Installation of decorative lighting for public facilities and open sports facilities
Lightning protection
Earthing system
Technological installations
Telecommunications and signaling systems
Telephone system and installations
Intercom system and installations
Systems and installations for reception and distribution R/TV
Speaker systems
Anti-fire system and installations
Anti-burglary system and installations
Access control system
Hotel management system
Clock system
Conference system
Gas detection system
Wireless information transfer system


Mosaic Design

Mosaic Design

MOSAIC DESIGN: ePlusMenuCAD is fully capable to draw single line diagrams and application schemes using built-in modul Mosaic Design. Main feature is the fact that all pages of scheme are in one DWG drawing, and that user can create complete distributive or motor feeders in a minute, just by picking on one of the many predefined feeders.User can also plot one or one hunderd and one scheme just with one click. All elements and feeders are intuitive sorted in iNteLLi Elements, with options of zoom preview of each element or feeder. Mosaic Design runs when you open one of it’s templates from default folder (new drawing). There are several offered templates that are copied during installation of ePlusMenuCAD in default AutoCADs template folder. Now, all you have to do is to choose one template and Mosac Design module will be automatically loaded, and you can use any command from the menu or a toolbar. You can also simply change existing template and save it as your own template .

Scale Factor

Scale Factor

SCALE FACTOR: All symbols (blocks) in ePlusMenuCAD are defined by ScaleFactor. This is the scale of symbols with respect to the drawing. Default value is 1, but it can be changed at any time to any positive value. Symbols of electric current mark ECM and tables of power sockets and luminaires have scale factor SFecm, and symbol of junction box has its scale factor SFjb. In this way, you can intelligently control the scale of symbols in the drawing. Scale can therefore be changed very easy.

If you don’t want to think about the Scale Factor, then set the Master SF to some value that applies to all drawings.

InfoIt Pro

InfoIt Pro

InfoIt PRO: Is a function to be used for generating Bill of Quantaties as well as for getting a lot of information about the symbols in the drawing. What can you do with InfoIt? You can take out a detailed technical specification from DWG drawing, calculate installed single-phase and three-phase el. powers of sockets and cable feeds from their tables, export report to MS Word, take out a list of all non-ePlusMenuCAD blocks, take out all luminaires by tags. InfoIt PRO is integrated part of ePlusMenuCAD.

InfoIt Database is a unique datsbase of blocks that are within ePlusMenuCAD, and it offers the possibility to add your own symbol definitions – your own blocks . It is also possible to edit descriptions of all blocks in the InfoIt Database.

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

iNaLL Professional 6: A unique tool for every-day work in AutoCAD. It can make changes in the content of text objects TEXT, MTEXT, ATTRIBUTE, BLOCK, DIM. Inall PRO can store any text that you select into internal memory, so you can use it later in some other drawing. It has the support of the Serbian latin letters ČĆĐŠŽ, as well as all Russian letters, which can be used with any font.

You can also import content of any text file into iNaLL PROs memory and use it for pasting in text objects in drawing.