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Placement of ads and prices

Ads can be placed on 2 portal locations. All locations has high visibility on site and these are placed on every out of more than 2000 pages (pages+tags+archive – pages indexed on Google)

Below you can find locations with indicated Ad dimensions and prices:

Ads locations and prices
1.Header  468×60 px 150 EUR
2.Sidebar 140×140 px 230 EUR

An Ad can be image in following formats JPG, PNG or GIF. At your request picture can be a link to your website or maximized picture with detailed display of the product/service being advertised.

For further information please contact us on email office[et]

Why internet advertising?

1. Increased sales

Placing of your Ad on internet can increase volume of your business a lot. Advertising on internet means more new business and more clients. Almost all of visitors on our portal are targeted potential buyers related to electrical engineering, power design, industry and automation. Portal is highly visited and popular among electrical companies and people in European Union, USA and Asia.

2. Small expense – big gain

Use the possibilities of internet to expand your visibility on the market. With small investment in placing an Ad you can achieve enormously and potential buyers are right in front of your doorstep. Online advertising is cheapest and most effective solution for you.

3. Efficiency

Advertising in daily or monthly newspaper is very inefficent and besides it is expensive. For the price you are paying you are getting targeted group of people you know nothing about, from which you can get little or no use at all.  On the other hand, advertising on our website is cheap and extremely efficient. High volume traffic and almost 3000 registered users (most probably interested for your product or service) from EU, USA and other countries accross world means trust and that our content is good.

4. Company image

Improve image of your company. Smart created Ad can attract many potential buyers and partners as well as most attractive locations for placing an ad on the portal (see the above placed table).

5. Saving your time

Placing an Ad can be as easy as sending a picture of your Ad to our e-mail no matter from which state you are from.

6. Be ahead of your competition

If your competitors are still not advertising themselves – be a step ahead. If your competitors are already advertising – don’t be the one left behind, place your own Ad. Use our potential, it can turnout more useful than you could imagine.

7. Quick start

After sending us your Ad, it can find it’s agreed place on our portal in a matter of few hours.